In this podcast we look at the rise of value modelling as a shiny new management technique in 2003 and its implosion in 2009. Value modelling is a lot like other big trends like the balance scorecard, business process re-engineering etc. which went belly-up.

Despite their demise…

1) They are still being done and clients are buying such work.

2) There is still some growth in the work.

3) It has been indisputably usurped by the next new shiny management technique.

This podcast discusses the dangers of branding management techniques and building a firm around such a management technique. In fact, we explain why branded techniques initially lead to more revenue, but always lead to a damaged name for the technique and the firm linked to the technique.

I would go as far as to say it also damages the partners linked to the technique.

In the first detailed corporate strategy study we are rolling out, you will see no branded analytic techniques being used. We explain why elite firms avoid this trap, in the podcast.

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