Clients using the Consulting Offer Videos fit into a neat bimodal distribution.

One group tends to be very effective at extracting all the material from the videos and being ultra-prepared such that the sessions go smoothly since they know as much as they possibly could going in.

The other group is much, much weaker at watching, following and extracting learnings from the videos. There is a lot of videos – around 450 of them – so we can understand there is a lot to cover. However, this can be broken down into bite size chunks of possibly watching one session and all the perfect answer videos in a 4 day block.

Planning and discipline is vital.

The point is that clients who do not watch the videos well almost always struggle and perform poorly. The videos contain far more additional insight into case structuring so it is vital to use them as a building block.

We can count on one hand the number of clients who watched the videos poorly and received offers.

This podcast offers one particularly clever solution on using the material in the videos.

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