We have started releasing the material from the US Retail Banking Market Entry Strategy Study: the first premium podcast can be found here. The video above explains the study in more detail.

The premium podcasts tie to together the thinking and strategy in study, and introduce new material that will not be presented in the training videos. Recordings of client discussions and explanations of their thought process throughout the study are only available in the podcasts.

In this study the Firmsconsulting team worked with a major Mexican wholesale bank which wanted to change its business model and enter the US retail banking market to fund low income borrowers mainly in the Southern USA.

The study began as a business unit strategy and quickly evolved into a corporate strategy. This is one of the key lessons for consultants and executives: how to determine the key issues impacting a company and driving it all the way up to the CEO. In the simplest terms, this is known as up-selling at most consulting firms.

This study focuses heavily on understanding and modelling the economics of a retail branch network, loan default rates and loan sensitivities. Although a deep knowledge of accounting and finance is not expected, subscribers will quickly grasp these concepts through the videos and especially the premium podcasts. Therefore, this study is a great way to learn about finance.

Registering on the video gives you access to exclusive – as in not published on the site – updates as we complete the study. This includes trailers, scenes, interviews and footage with the client.

As the premium podcast explains in great detail, our job was to determine how to give $2B to 15 million people.

What is in the premium podcasts for the market entry study?

We will follow the LAB study over multiple episodes exploring the analyses, personalities and behind-the-scenes challenges in completing this landmark strategy study. This podcast series will follow an entirely new and entertaining format and yes, we will explore one study over several episodes.

In episode 1, you can…

Understand the key problem in the case
Understand consulting philosophy
Listen to three senior clients at LAB describe the case in their own words
Listen to the initial telephone calls which led to the LAB study
Understand the structural problems which led to LAB’s push for the US market
Get a preview of Episode 2

We’ll follow the study and stakeholders wherever they take us and dig into the psychology of the organization, client and team to understand how this study was delivered. We will examine the study, analyses and recommendations from multiple angles.

Each week or two we’ll bring you the latest chapter which is between 45minutes to 90 minutes long, so it’s important to listen in order, starting with Episode 1. Stay tuned for Episode 2 where we analyze the demand side of the market. Watch us run a business in East Los Angeles and listen to senior LAB executives discuss the market potential.

We want to hear your comments below.

Do you like the new format?
Do you want to hear more from the client?
Do you want to hear more from the external stakeholders?
How would you design this study?

Remember to see the trailer for or next major strategy study and subscribe for updates. Also, TCO III is still taking applications for just a few more days – applications will cut off on 2 January 2015.

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