We discuss the feature study for the September edition of the Quarterly: Unemployed to the Big-3. This podcast focuses on the type of person who is likely to succeed and who is unlikely to succeed with this background. We unpack some of the major findings and discuss the fundamental challenges these women faced. Each of the 3 phases are explored from additional angles:

Phase 1: Seeing the truth for what it is

The concept of confidence is explored from the lens of a typical reader, who does not have any of this background knowledge.  We explore bench-marking further, especially since the metrics are not easily available and discuss how parity can hurt you. This is linked to differentiation and finally we talk about the issue of career strategy being a matter choice and what this means in practical terms for an applicant who is constantly receiving conflicting consulting information.

Phase 2: Execution is essential

This discussion focuses on the 4 most counter-intuitive findings around limited socializing, severe health issues, cutting corners and networking effectively.

Phase 3: Managing the interview process

We contrast the problems such clients have around adjusting their strategies after joining McKinsey or BCG and what they could do better.

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