In this podcast, and related article, we address how to manage travel expenses during a consulting project.

Attention to this topic was inspired by a question we received from a Firmsconsulting reader, a Deloitte S&O consultant from the United States.

The Deloitte consultant expressed a concern about the level of travel expenses his engagement team was incurring. The reader presented the following examples from events that took place during his recent consulting project:

Example 1: A consultant chooses a flight or hotel which allows him to collect reward points even though an equivalent alternative is much cheaper.

Example 2: A consultant visits luxury spa and charges it to the client. This charge is included in an aggregate bill, so client cannot see the itemized charge for the luxury spa.

Example 3: The project team stays at a five star hotel even though Deloitte consultant feels he does not need that lifestyle.

Example 4: The project team enjoys expensive dinners at a luxury hotel.

He further expressed the following concern,This doesn’t seem to be in the client’s interest. It seems unethical. How do you ensure these practices are curbed? And how does the junior consultant can decide what is ethical or not in the above scenario and act accordingly in team settings?”.

This podcast outlines key guidelines and insights to help you make informed decisions with regards to management of your travel expenses during a consulting project.

This is an important topic to address. Your travel expenses is not something that should be taken lightly. After all, piling up extravagant travel expenses negatively impacted the promising careers of many otherwise highly intelligent and capable management consultants.

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