This is the fifth podcast for the power sector corporate strategy study we will soon release as part of our Executive Program.

This podcast wraps up a tough first week of the study. We wanted to wrap-up the week by explaining the differences between a transformation corporate strategy study and a general corporate strategy study. We are going to use the movie Alien to explain this difference.

Like the movie, we are basically trying to hunt down a problem we cannot see, we do not know where it is, we do not know how it is changing and we cannot know which tools to use. We basically need to be very adaptable. That is why transformation studies are so difficult. They are the toughest type of corporate strategy studies.

We solve this problem by using an advance team of a partner and one associate to meet with executives to collect more information about the problem and feed it back to the team so we can better prepare. They have 1 week to find the information.

This podcast also discusses some of the feedback from the early executive workshops and problems we are having with the executive client team mis-communicating the purpose of the study. A problem which we are certain will escalate as the unions start comparing the promises made now to the results later.

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3 responses to Transformation vs Corp. Strategy

  1. Thanks for clarifying Michael!

  2. Marut,

    How we get the client to understand and accept our recommendation will definitely be covered in several future podcasts. Since this is evolving we will publish those podcasts as we move through the study.


  3. Michael,

    As the advance team does focus interviews with the CEOs of biggest of companies under Empire International, are they also leaving hints to suggest that an option of folding Empire International as a division under Empire Energy is on the table, and may be the best case for both Empire International and Empire Energy?

    Given the context of this study, putting such a point across will have to be carefully managed. It clearly cannot come as a sudden surprise to the client. So how are you approaching it?


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