This is an important podcast. Many Indian MBA candidates, those without permits to remain in the US post their studies, follow a dangerous strategy for their internship interviews. This podcast offers a very simple but highly effective strategy to ensure candidates keep themselves in the running for consulting offers. Moreover, keeping residency in the US is a vital prerequisite to maintain a candidates “risk profile” and this podcast again offers some ideas.

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5 responses to Tragic Mistake of Indian US MBA Hiring

  1. I could barely manage the winters in New York City. Getting up from my blanket to answer the door for the Chinese food delivery guy used to be a challenge. Thankfully, our landlord paid the hot water bill. Could have gotten really ugly otherwise.

  2. Thanks Jojo,

    In general I would say Canada has very streamlined, clear and effective immigration policies provided you are well educated. They where this way before the new Express Entry option.

    So you are right, Canada is a very viable option – provided you like the blistering cold. In other words, first visit Minnesota in winter to see if you can manage Canadian winter outside Toronto.


  3. Thanks Michael. Also, and you probably already know this, Canada has a new “Express Entry” immigration program which is rolling out 1st Jan 2015. Might be useful for some of your clients who had to come back to India. Like you said, much easier recruiting for North America while in North America.

  4. You are most welcome Jojo. You are right, it is one of those crucial podcasts that most foreign students should listen to.

  5. I really really really wish I’d heard this podcast three years ago. Thankfully, it was during my undergrad and non-MBA grad degree. I still have the MBA card to play if I can’t get an off-cycle MBB offer from India this time.

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