This podcast explains the common mistake all rivals, tier-2 firms, to McKinsey and BCG make: they value the wrong skills BCG has.

This podcast explains the 4 capabilities a firm must have and how to use them:

(1) Values

(2) Strategy approach

(3) Analytics

(4) Ability to draw insights

We can all agree that everyone is obsessed with the analytics at their peril. Tier-2 firms are truly shocked when they apply the same analytics as McKinsey but get a different result and still cannot raise their standing in a client’s eyes. There is a reason for that.

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2 responses to Why Tier-2 firms will never catch BCG/McKinsey

  1. Well said Zander. Well said.

  2. Although I’m somewhat boggled that people fixate on the analytics, just today a director said he wants to develop a new kind of analysis “because it’s popular” and “everyone else is doing it now”. Why? What value does it contribute?

    Values are where it’s at. Values define “what good looks like” for a firm, which drives how partners engage clients and what project teams achieve, which determines the firm’s reputation. Therefore a firm with management consulting values has an advantage, even over another firm using the same strategy approach, analytics, and insight.

    Unfortunately for tier-2 firms, values are hard. First you have to choose the right values. Second, you have to know how to act on them. Third, you have to be willing and able to pay the cost. If insightful use of analytics was all that separated tier-1 from tier-2, for example, McKinsey and BCG would be up to their eyebrows in competition tomorrow.

    Wanting to be the best is easy, but not all are capable, and fewer are willing to do the work and make hard sacrifices.

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