Many candidates are confused between the different types of cases: interviewer led, interviewee led, brainstorming, market entry, market sizing etc. In this podcast we will discuss the different types of cases you will face and where you will likely encounter them. We also provide some general tips for dealing with each type of cases:

Overall types: full cases, brainstorming and estimation

(2) Full cases can be:

Interviewer led or interviewee led.

Answer-first or not answer first.

With a clear objective function to solve or lack an objective function.

Cases may require a framework or not require a framework.

(3) Brainstorming can be:

Broad seeking all possible options

Narrow, seeking the likely answer as fast as possible

Narrower, seeking just the correct answer after the interviewee discards the other options

(4) Estimations

A market does not exist, also called brainteasers

A market does exist, will have two types of cases:

Supply constrained

Demand driven, also called market sizing

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