The Role of Your Significant Other

Introduction to Consulting The Role of Your Significant Other


One oversight we have corrected as we have learned more about our clients, is to understand the role their significant others play in their lives and decisions. We tend to assume that the advice we provide, and actions you take, are largely influenced solely by your wishes. That could not be further from the truth. In some ways, your significant other is a major investor and she/he can cause a lot of problems if you take actions not in keeping with his/her wishes. This interesting podcast, examines the decisions of our youngest client and how we helped her understand the implications of her personal choices as she prepares to join McKinsey.

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6 responses to The Role of Your Significant Other

  1. Thank you Jack. I did not touch on the point you raised about “single and desperate” but I see the similarities. Hope you enjoy the site.

  2. Very insightful podcast. I’ve seen careers ruined because of a negative SO ‘on the home front’, or even with someone who is single but desperate to find a relationship.

  3. Hi Tony,

    I was not thinking about this from the perspective and impact on one’s parents. Though I suppose applies just as well. Good observation.


  4. Thanks Michael. I believe this podcast is very useful for us to have a realistic view about our personal life and sometimes I believe it’s not only for only wife, husband, boy friend, girl friend, I think having a good relationship with our parents is very important too. Thanks for giving me a great reflection moment on Sunday to see how I could move forward with a good balance and consistency.

  5. Mateusz, I am assuming you know I was a former principal and obviously know over a hundred or more consultants, and therefore this is meant for the broader audience.

  6. How many management consultants are alone in their life? How many did you meet already?

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