Here we talk about the unusual tactics we used to place a musician into BBM Europe who had just a master’s degree in music, from an elite institute and 4 years of experience in the Arts. Lacking a business background she decided to make the transition after her marriage. The tactics are not surprising, but the execution is.

In listening to this podcast look for the analogies with your own profile but also be wary of where the analogy breaks. Clients like to only look for the data which validates their existing ideas. Be brutal on determining how you would craft a plan and always assume things take longer and are tougher to do than you could imagine.

Note that we never apply a standard approach to every client. Each profile is unique a very specific set of steps much be applied to that one person. The challenge is that given time constraints, many listeners merely want to find next-steps which they can easily execute. In serving over 250 clients, we find that is rarely the case. No two people follow the same approach to get in and you need to be aware of this.

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