The first 3 minutes of a coaching session, practice session and case interview determines everything. First impressions count.

However, candidates do not take them very seriously. In this podcast we explain the 5/6 step cycle of learning while comparing and contrasting Felix, Samantha & Rafik to see who managed the first 3 minutes the best, and how that impacted their relationship with their coach.

The key point is that positive and negative experiences do not neatly cancel out. People remember a negative experience longer and more than a positive experience. So, if you think about it, every time a case session goes poorly or you arrive unprepared and your partner sees this, it is going to take much more time to overcome this perception. All of it is wasted time.

Based on feedback from our clients, it takes close to 40 hours to find one good practice partner. Given that is a full work week, it is worth preserving the relationship.

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2 responses to The First 3 Minutes of a Case Interview

  1. James, my feeling is that it comes down to personality. If I see someone is very sincere, polite and respectful then I really want them to succeed. So my advice is to go in my a great attitude so that even if you wobble a little at the beginning you will not irk the interviewer. She/he will want you to succeed and guide you along a little. Michael

  2. Great podcast. Any suggestions for those who feel they’ve come across poorly within the first 3 minutes?

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