Readers in other sectors like financial services, energy, retail, automotive etc., make a massive mistake when looking at the technology strategy study training we have up on the site.

They assume that the study will not train them about corporate strategy since it is about corporate strategy for technology company. That is  major flaw.

This podcast elaborates on some of these reasons:

  1. Every corporate strategy study must be done for a client in a sector. Therefore it is impossible to find corporate strategy training which is generic – that is, not specific to a sector.
  2. The thinking, techniques and training applied to one sector is designed to be applied to any sector.
  3. Even if you worked in financial services and we loaded the financial services strategy study shortly, a sector is so large, the study may not even touch the issues you want to learn – therefore focus on the techniques used versus trying to copy content across for your own studies. Do not get into the habit of simply copying analyses.

Training by ex-McK, BCG et al. Partners

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