[Update June 11] The 1st strategy training map is live! All 16 steps of strategy planning and 200+ critical points are complimentary to all our members!

This video provides an overview of the very first study we will release within our new Strategy Training Library: a technology corporate strategy. You will see that the level of detail, accuracy and quality in many ways exceeds that of the best McKinsey and BCG training programs because we tried to be as comprehensive as possible.

Nothing in the world exists like this training program.

Study Background

The first study we are releasing is the corporate strategy phase, phase 1 as such, of a study to merge and list three technology behemoths and create a $1B technology giant. Phase 2, to be released later, will be an equally detailed set of videos and power point slides which creates the business model for the new entity. This will be followed by Phases 3 and 4 to implement the changes and go-live.

This 1st phase is a study to analyze the feasibility of merging the technology service departments/divisions of Ontario Transit (state transit agency) , Ontario Distribution (state distribution utility) and Ontario Power (state power generating utility) and list them on the Nasdaq to compete in the US market. The merger is championed by the Ontario Premier’s Office into which each of the 3 entities indirectly report.

The objective is to realize maximum economic value for all state assets and create a new Canadian technology giant. As a second goal, the Premier hopes to increase the involvement of the First Nations in the IT sector.

The merged technology entity, Newco, will be a separate company with the current holding companies its main shareholders. Newco will be structured along the lines of an IT outsourcing business providing a range of IT professional services as its main products. The possibility of a 4th partner, a First Nation, taking a strategic equity stake will be considered.

At the time of the study each of the 3 entities are at a different stage of being commercialised and ring-fenced, within each of the parent organisations. Furthermore, the reasoning and rationale behind the merger was explained to the 3 management teams, and their support for the concept had been established.

Note, this is a corporate strategy study for technology company and not an IT strategy study for a technology company. You can learn more about the differences here. At a later stage we will release a detailed IT strategy study.

We hope you will enjoy the changes we made.

Study Structure

We designed the study to be completed over 4 and a half weeks by 1 engagement manager and 3 associates and involved two board-level updates. This is an intense strategy study! The work was structured around 3 areas of analyzes which had as their common deliverable a decision on whether or not the merger would make sense from each of the 3 perspectives: financial, technical & operational and human resources.

Product and organizational level economic model: profitability per product at each of the three entities (cost and revenue allocation) and a valuation of each of the 3 entities as well as for the combined entity. Scenarios are run demonstrating the value that could be achieved through economies of scope and scale.

Technical and operational feasibility : The initial focus is on identification of products, and determining the capacity and capability that each of these represent in the respective organizations. Internal and external growth was assessed for each product. A high level technical audit is completed.

People : A culture survey and interviews with senior management is conducted to highlight the need to focus on “soft-issues”. The concepts and requirements for a change management program are presented.

We hope you like the changes. We are happy to hear from you. Please share your feedback or questions in the comments section. Thank you!

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  6. How do i access 200+ critical points which are complimentary for all members..?

  7. How do i access 200+ critical points are complimentary for all members..?

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