In this series of podcasts we look at each of the typical McKinsey/BCG FIT/PEI questions and provide a typical answer. Note, that while replicating this approach and standard will help you, we caution you that the main test of fit is in handling the cross-examination of your answer. Most candidates tend to be unprepared for that and we urge you to be very aware this will happen and to practice this interrogation style. You can never memorize your way out of these interrogations questions, since you cannot predict the actual question and, therefore, prepare for them. At least 20% of clients ignore this advice at their peril.

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2 responses to Talk me through your resume, sample answer

  1. Femi,

    If I used something special from high-school, that answers your question!


  2. Dear Michael,

    Thank you for this piece and the others in the category.

    It is interesting that you built this sample response from high school. I once heard from someone who works at one of the elite firms that one should keep stories to the past 5 years and for someone who has gone through at least 4 years of undergraduate education, high school is likely to be more than 5 years into the background.

    What is your thought on this unwritten “5-year rule”?

    My guess is that firms may want to confirm one’s strengths using recent happenings. On the contrary, one can start with a high school story that finds strong representation in what one did in the university, through graduate school and the world of work i.e. to establish and prove a deep-seated pattern of strengths. What do you think?

    I look forward to reading your response.


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