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Taking resume feedback is one of the most fundamental steps as you begin your application process and case interview preparation. If done badly, no matter how well you practice for cases, you will not get the interview. Feedback refers to two parts. First, is the philosophy around how you collect the feedback. Second, is the physical steps you take as you are collecting the feedback. Both are equally important.

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4 responses to Taking Resume Feedback

  1. I’ve been listening to the podcasts, I’d like some resume feedback. How can I access this?

  2. Hi Brian,

    There is no way to reconcile it. You need to chose one person’s advice and go with it. Trying to reconcile two schools of thought, which is what they essentially are, is dangerous.

    For example, taking the best advice from the designs for a condo and trying to combine it with the best advice from the designs for a urban home does not work. The advice was intended for different purposes and cannot be combined.

    Do not take advice from everyone. You must choose a school of thought and go with it. Just pick the right one.


  3. A question about resume feedback from different people that conflicts:
    I have been lucky to get detailed resume advice from two individuals, one who is on the board of a major brokerage firm, and one who has a successful management career. The issue is, while the feedback from both of them has been specific and helpful, some of their comments are directly contradictory. For example, one advised to reduce the detail on one of my less prestigious roles, while the other encouraged me to expand upon the specific numerical success I had in that role.

    What is your advice for combining the best aspects of conflicting advice?

    Thank you for all the terrific podcasts! I’ve been going through them from the beginning and they are so much more useful than the noise among the various online forums.

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