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In this podcast we discuss the most recent experiences of Sveta, a scholarship holder in our Emerging Fellows program. Sveta hails from a tiny village in the far north-east of Siberia. We helped her join the #1 school in Moscow, moved her to a Grand Ecole in France and she recently joined MBB.

In this podcast we discuss the obligations of the Fellows to spend at least 2 months per annum in their home countries to help with critical development issues. You will find that it takes an enormous amount of influencing to make this happen, and that is normal. Sveta is like any young adult. She wants it all, and we just need to guide her along.

NOTE: Please note that we always change some of the details about clients to protect their identities.



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6 responses to Sveta’s Internship Experiences

  1. Thanks Rita.

    We will look at it.


  2. Hi,
    There is something wrong with the iTunes version of this episode. Works on the website though.
    Cheers, Rita

  3. You are right Nauruz. We will update this to ensure it is more accurate.

  4. I see what you mean Michael.

    I remember Sveta left McKinsey and moved to corporate world some time ago, so I didn’t think it was about McKinsey internship.

    I guess the use of the term internship to denote your Fellow program got me confused given that next paragraph spoke about spending two months in Sveta’s home region to help with critical issues. This made me think that the internship refers to her work in home region, and the podcast is about that experience – but there was no mention of that work in the podcast.

  5. Hi Nauruz,

    Sorry about that! Though, I am not sure it is misleading. We discuss Sveta’s internship as a Fellow in our program and that is the title and both the description of the podcast.

    Do you feel that is not clear? Or did you assume it was about her McKinsey internship and not our internship? If it is the latter, we felt the description of the podcast made it clear it was not about the McKinsey internship. However, maybe it is not clear:-(


  6. Hi Michael,

    The description of the podcast content is misguiding – the podcast doesn’t discuss Sveta’s internship and her obligations to spend two months in her country – you end the story with how Sveta got into McKinsey.

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