Summer Reading Books

Introduction to Consulting Summer Reading Books


These are the 4 books we recommend for summer reading. Two, are among the most important books for management consulting that we recommend for all management consultants. “McKinsey’s Marvin Bower” is a book we recommend to every current and aspiring consultant and is the foundation of understanding the values of management consulting. “The Mind of the Strategist” is another book we recommend.

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4 responses to Summer Reading Books

  1. Hi Prital,

    The former is fine.


  2. Hi Michael,

    There are 2 books with the title “The Mind of the Strategist:The Art of Japanese Business” and “The Mind of the Strategist : Business Planning for Competitive Advantage”. Which one do you recommend?


  3. Hi Mat,

    Yes, all great books.


  4. Hi Michael,
    thank you for contributing this list.

    One of the books I go back to is “Winning” by Jack Welch. This was also the first book on management I have ever read and bought. I go back to it probably every year, and also I have bought some copies to my friends. This is my reference book, the other is Tom Peter’s book on reinventing work.

    Having read Bower’s biography and Ohmae book this year, they also made my reference book list immediately.

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