[Update June 11] The 1st strategy training map is live! All 16 steps of strategy planning and 200+ critical points are complimentary to all our members!

We are going to be making some major strategy training changes at Firmsconsulting.

Think of Firmsconsulting as a iceberg. What you see on the Firmsconsulting.com website is about 10% of all the material we produce and share. A lot sits below your line of sight. The majority of our material sits in the Capabilitycenter.com website, which is the sister-website dedicated to high-end corporate strategy training for consultants, those in industry and even major consulting firms.

We have been working over the last 12 months to redesign the material in the center and integrate it into the Firmsconsulting website. In a few days those changes will go live. This podcast explains what you can expect as we prepare to unveil the worlds largest library of training videos for strategy studies done to the quality of McKinsey and BCG.

Training by ex-McK, BCG et al. Partners

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2 responses to Strategy Training Changes @ Firmconsulting

  1. Thanks William. I will reach out to you via email as we proceed. I have placed more information about the internship in the quarterly section for you to review.


  2. What a phenomenal set of changes to further the education of management consultants and advance the practice of consulting. I’m eager to see the finished product as its launched.

    I’m happy to support the efforts in any way that I can. I currently work as a manager / engagement manager in a small boutique strategy firm based in Detroit. I travel to Toronto frequently.

    Congratulations on the pending launch. This content sounds fantastic.

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