Written cases, pioneered by Monitor Deloitte, and now used by all firms are very intimidating. Written cases actually test core prioritization skills much better than verbal cases, since written case interviews can dump tonnes of data on a candidate. The trick to written cases is to have a filtering system to find the data you need from the worthless data, and of course, recognizing that not all the data is useful. Written cases mirror cases done in case-method schools like Harvard. Lots of data is provided in those cases, but not all is useful. Your job is to find the useful data and that means having a framework upfront.

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7 responses to Strategies for Written Case Interviews

  1. Hello Grecia,

    We provide advice for written cases in Jen, TCO III. We talk her through the approach to handle them.

    This should be enough for you.


  2. I have been looking for written cases to practice but it is quite difficult to find, do you have any idea where?

  3. Thanks Nauruz,

    There is more leeway between offices but they are likely trying to standardize this process.


  4. Michael,

    What I was told by the BCG recruiting department (CIS office) is that they ask all applicants applying as consultants to take both written case and online test. The exemption is given to applicants in MBA programs who start recruitment from the 1st round interviews.

  5. Patrick, they come in so many types and formats it is hard to list them all here. It is best to get copies of some different formats and practice. In other words, there is no one set type of written case.

  6. Type 2^

  7. I am curious what such a written case looks like.
    Is there at least some upfront context beyond the exhibits? I would assume at least a key question beyond simply “what should Tesco’s strategy be?” should be discernible.

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