In this podcast present a clever technique to treat graphs as “maps” when reading them. Corporate Finance candidates will like this. The key to this technique rests on the simple idea of ignoring the data plots and first trying to understand what the type of graph is saying. Once this is clear, the data is then examined within the graph to understand its meaning. The podcast explains this with an example and is a very effective tool we use for teaching clients.

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5 responses to Read Exhibits as Maps For Insights

  1. Hi Michael,

    I see. Thanks for your fast reply!


  2. Hi Victor,

    Okay, in that case we probably removed the graph when we moved across to the new site.

    The search function exists under “My Concierge.”

    When you open that feature you will see it right at the top.


  3. Thanks for the reply! It’s just that within the first 20 seconds of the podcast you mentioned that you would paste a graph so that the listeners could understand what you are talking about. Since I couldn’t see it here, I thought there would be another page specifically dedicated for such attachments (which I was probably missing).

    Regarding you point about the numerous media available, my suggestion would be to include a search function within your website. That ought to speed the retrieval of information, giving an overall better experience for the website users.


  4. Victor,

    We have over 2,000 videos and podcasts on the site and sadly I cannot remember the location of everything – as much as I try!


  5. Hi, Michael!

    I can’t really see or find the graph you are talking about in the podcast. Could you point out the specific location of the graph?

    Thank you!

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