This video introduces the 3 questions every management consultants needs to ask, and which the business case associate must own. The process of structuring the analyses to answer these questions is performed via a strategic scoping exercise.

Strategic scoping is a fancy term for the process of building an objective function, decision trees, prioritizing the decision trees, building hypotheses for the decision trees and finally, the analyses to test the hypotheses. That process can be seen in our Technology Merger Strategy Study and the strategic scoping video presents the very same approach in a different format – can you see the underlying similarities?

The answers to the 3 questions in the financial analyses, as explained in the video, refocuses the team onto just a few core issues at the client, which will lead to the client problem being solved. The 3 questions are guiding financial analyses, tell us where the problems likely lie and whether they are worth pursuing. They serve no purpose in validating the benefit to the client of fixing the problem.

That is where the bottom-up financial modelling comes in.

To see more, visit Module 4.

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