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In this podcast we discuss the detailed effort which goes into preparing the multimedia/premium management consulting books. We discuss the engagements we run and the client issues faced, the development of hypotheses, data collection, analyses, model building, client management and preparation of the final recommendation. We thereafter discuss how all of this, including the extensive video footage, is brought together to produce each of the 4 multimedia books.

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2 responses to Premium Books

  1. Hi Menacel,

    These have been taken down and some have been converted into the studies you see in the executive program. So, they are not available as books but as videos and powerpoint on a subscription model.

    We found the books far too restrictive in helping our clients understand a full study. We also could not update the books continuously which is something we can do with the powerpoint and videos online.

    I hope this answers your question.


  2. Hi Michael – I found one “Succeeding as a Management Consultant” training guide at the following link: However, I’m having trouble finding the remaining training guides. Could you please provide a link to the other premium training guides other than the mining sector one?

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