Power outages escalate

Strategy Training Power outages escalate


This is the 22nd podcast for the power sector corporate strategy study we will soon release as part of our Executive Program.

As power outages escalate across the region, EI remains focused on growing internationally. It is crucial to remember that these podcasts reflect the team’s strategy and thinking that we have not yet fully communicated to EI. That will happen over the next few weeks.

So while you have heard lots about the need to focus on EE’s core business, EI is yet to come around to that thinking. In fact, EI is firmly focused right now on its original mandate.

The challenge we face is in guiding the CEO to hold off on making large and irreversible capital investments until we present our plans. EI has several promising ventures on the table which require a decision. Those ventures move EI away from where we think it needs to focus in the future.

We have to, unfortunately, pre-empt our carefully laid plans and discuss our initial thinking with the CEO.

In this podcast, we discuss how we ran that meeting. Pay attention to how informal and non-judgemental we are.

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2 responses to Power outages escalate

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for these questions. We are likely to cover them at some point in future podcasts for this study.


  2. Hello Michael,

    Thank you for sharing you experience about such issue. I guess it take some years of experience to handle this type of discussion without throwing out weekly recommendations at these meetings.

    I would like to know how would you deal with each of the following situations:
    – the CEO is deliberately running away from you and your study or tend to discredit your work and team,
    – executives are holding/hiding key data,
    – shareholders are looking for who to blame and clearly request it from you.


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