Peter is a PhD candidate from the USA who joined McKinsey Middle East a year ago. The striking thing about Peter is his level of confidence and the fact that he does not sound like a PhD. He is a candidate who initially pursued the USA and thereafter opened interviews at another highly competitive office where he was successful.

Peters interview is more for the journey he goes through to build his confidence and learn about his potential. I have personally admired this candidate because he seems to closely follow the strong values-based path Firmsconsulting expects of our alums.

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4 responses to Peter on McKinsey Middle East With a PhD

  1. Hi Ghias,

    He networked with a partner since partners are generally the only people at the firm who can over-ride a decline.


  2. Hi Michael,
    peter mentioned that he got refused by MK in US, however, several months later he was able to get an interview by McK in Middle East. Normally, there is 12 -18 months ban or wating time. How did peter handel it? Thanks in advance for your response.

  3. Hi Tolu,

    Yes, you need to be ready for any type of interview at any time.


  4. I really appreciate this interview. I think it also depends on what style you learned first. My first knowledge of consulting was Mckinsey and all my first early contacts and most contacts till date. I was given resources, guidance early on by Mckinsey folks and prepared mostly with “Case in Point” and McKinsey style. And I did not got an invite from Mckinsey (yet), my invite was from BCG and it was interesting preparation because it was interviewee led and I didn’t have as much contact with BCG ways at the time. The business judgment item mentioned by Peter came up in the interview as well. Though I did well, however, I noticed that I had to consciously remember that I was leading the case. Also, being trained as a physician and even as a life coach, I love to listen more than talk and found myself sometimes looking at the interviewer and trying to listen for any words…..and the brief awkward silence reminded me that I am leading. It is a skill that can be learned through practice…..lots of practice. One should be ready for any method as you never know what doors will open.

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