Welcome to the 33rd podcast on the Corporate Strategy & Transformation study. In this podcast we discuss the tough work being done by the Organizational Design team. We discuss the three tensions which drive all Organizational Design recommendations and the trade-offs required. We also discuss the most important requirement to implement a new culture and structure at any company, and it is quite simple to do. As you will see, the Organizational Design stream is struggling on the study. Click here to see the full study and here to see the merger study and market entry study.

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2 responses to The Organizational Design Stream

  1. Thank you Marcelo!

  2. Dear FC team,

    I have cited this podcast today in an assignment for one of my undergraduate courses regarding the concept of incentive structures dictating behavior and culture. I am an older undergraduate student and operations manager and although I would have loved to have the insights from these podcasts when I first began working over ten years ago, I am glad to have come across it in the last few weeks. The podcasts have helped me approach issues at work through the lens of first principles and in school (and work) have helped me improve my communication by being more concise and simple.

    Thank you!

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