This podcast introduces the new and comprehensive consulting business case + financial analyses + financial modelling training we are about to release.

In particular I discuss my internal consulting training and my very first study leading the business case. Contrary to what you may think, the training at McKinsey and BCG can be weak and contain many flaws. This podcast explains how we built on the training at these firms to develop something far more effective.

Moreover, Albert is using this training on the LAB study and you can clearly see the impact it is having. The training is battle tested.

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3 responses to New consulting business case training

  1. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jojo,

    That is part of the Executive Program. Look for the Analyses Library under the drop-down section and it is there.


  3. The Financial Analysis Training that you talk about here, this is a part of the Executive Program subscription, right? Or is there a separate section for this?

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