Tackles some the recent problems we have seen with candidates. We have tried to stay away from conventional advice and address issues not commonly discussed. Since this is largely based on the tactics we advise our clients to follow, it is bound to be counter to the plethora of advice you find in many books and on many sites.

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2 responses to Networking Mistakes

  1. Hi Aamir,

    I am not sure about the GIVE part. That works in a typical capitalist society where people want things. Partners at the major firms are trained not to want things. We think in a very different way.

    If you GIVE us something, we feel no obligation to offer anything in return, and specifically do not want to be in the position of accepting anything implicitly and explicitly.

    So this advice does not apply to us.

    I would say show sincere interest and focus on being liked. That is more important than GIVING something. We do not barter anything since that goes to the heart of why we are different. There is no quid pro quo.


  2. Hello Michael,
    Very insightful podcast, listening it for maybe the fifth time because some ideas take longer to internalize.

    I have a question that has bothered me for some time, and perhaps many other people too:
    One of the most commonly recommended principles of networking anywhere is to GIVE before you ASK. What would be a few examples of reasonable GIVES to a senior partner before a person like me (recent graduate, new to industry, living in a country with no consulting firm office) can ASK for something like a 20 minute phone call for some advice?

    Thank you for your time.

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