Unless you have a stellar resume and profile, you will likely need to do some form of networking to secure an interview. Most aspiring consultants cannot network and treat networking as a “tick-the-box” set of coffee chats and phone discussions.

They actually become upset when the person on the other end does not immediately offer to submit their applications. Networking should not be about securing an endorsement from a McKinsey consultant, It is about being liked. Focusing on the latter will lead to an endorsement. That is the counter-intuitive point.

The key to networking, as described in this podcast, is to ALWAYS present the image of someone who is successful and sure of themselves. In essence, you need to play a little “hard-to-get.”

If you are using external networking guidance, the most important thing to remember is that networking with McKinsey is NOT about selling yourself. Candidates who do usually end up unsuccessful. The trick is to present such a polished image, that you do not need to sell yourself.

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5 responses to McKinsey & BCG Networking

  1. Hi Jared,

    If you are currently unemployed I definitely want to see the person engaged in some meaningful community or social work, and also things they are doing to build their skills.


  2. Hi Michael –

    This podcast was really helpul.

    I wanted to ask if you had any suggestions or tips to keep in mind when writing your tag line – especially if you are currently unemployed and seeking opportunities.



  3. Hi Michael,

    No worries. Thanks for getting back to me!

  4. Hi Dele,

    Thanks for the email and I am glad you found the podcast useful.

    We are currently not doing resume reviews as a courtesy since we are busy running a full strategy study at the moment. We should be quite busy for the next 3 to 4 months.


  5. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for this post (particularly the LinkedIn strategy as there are a lot of conflicting ideas around how to best use it).

    One question: about your free resume-editing service, how can I go about making use of that? I didn’t quite catch the email address…

    Dele (London)

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