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BCG Engagements My 1st COO Client


The power and privilege of management consulting:I was in my lower 20′s when I was given my first engagement to interact directly with the COO of a major European multinational. There is no greater privilege in the world than gaining permission to sit across the table of an executive officer of a firm, and have a discussion about his operating model and its cost implications.

With that privilege, and power, comes enormous responsibility.

In today’s podcast I want to discuss this unique aspect of management consulting. No other industry in the world, not even investment banking, affords talented professionals so much responsibility at such young ages. It is a privilege which must be carefully curated. If you abuse it, access will be terminated for ever. This is an industry that should be built on trust and honor.

Unfortunately, too many aspiring consultants and consultants simply care about salaries and prestige. The great irony of life is that you take care of your values and clients, the profits will take care of itself. To paraphrase Marvin Bower.

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