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This podcast, by the editor, discusses the strategy and objective we had when writing this very first Succeeding as a Management Consulting book back in August 2010, which ultimately gave rise to an entire series of books. We discuss how we designed this book to be useful to both aspiring consultants and management consultants and why it is an highly effective introduction to the work and lifestyle that is management consulting.

Set in the Brazilian interior, this book follows an engagement team as they assist Goldy, a large Brazilian gold miner, in diagnosing and fixing deep and persistent organisational issues. This book will follow an engagement team over an 8 week assignment and explain how they successfully navigate a challenging client environment, develop hypotheses, build the analyses and provide the final recommendations. It is written so the reader may understand, follow and replicate the process.

The book is 252 pages in length and written by former management consulting partners and case leaders. This is the only consulting guide taking readers on a day-by-day and step-by-step journey through a complete engagement. MBA students contemplating a career in management consulting will find this book to a useful companion introduction. Consultants can learn the techniques of the leading management consulting firms.

This book contains the 252-page book and a single power point file of the material used in the book.

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