McKinsey Weak School

Succeeding as a Management Consultant McKinsey Weak School


Entering BBM with a weak school on your resume can create problems. Though, all of them tend to be created by the candidates themselves. These consultants tend to have so many incorrect preconceived ideas of the firm that even when a McKinsey partner tells them something, they tend to go with their preconceived ideas. As strange as that may sound, that is what we have seen happen in many cases. There are certain things you can do this alter this spiral, should it occur.


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  1. Galo,

    Thank you so much for your message. To help the most number of people, the partners respond to interesting questions via podcasts on iTunes. So, if this is a new/interesting question, look for the response on iTunes. You are of course, welcome to post additional comments but keep in mind how we will handle questions.

  2. Michael. Thanks for the valuable training material. I would like to ask you for your advice regarding a program I found. I don’t have a business school background. I am an Engineer with a master degree of Engineering with managerial experience in oilfield sector. I am currently in a hiring process with one of the top-10 consulting firms in Bogotá, Colombia. I would like to have a formal program to support my 8-year experience and I found this intensive program in Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education, called The Consultant’s Toolkit (
    Have you heard about it? Do you think it would be worth it for a person with my background and experience?
    Thanks and regards.

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