We have responded to the question below:

“As a person from a big emerging market interested in the long term career in my region, I am thinking about which strategy makes more sense for a person like me: 1) start at BBM in his own country 2) start at BBM in the US, transferring after some time back to his country (to BBM or directly to industry).

I can think of the following pros of the first option: a) better chances for success at BBM due to the absence of cultural barriers, higher growth of BBM in that country b) better exit opportunities c) the earlier opportunity to start building professional network in that country d) better experience at BBM due to higher chance of being staffed on “crown-jewel” clients.

Pros of the second option: a) the prestige of the US experience b) better training c) better experience due to exposure to the American companies which on average are higher quality organizations than emerging market companies.

I think many people would be interested in your opinion on this topic, Michael. A related dilemma that some of my friends have is making a choice between BBM in their home country and Deloitte/PWC in the US. What is better for them assuming they would like to be in their home country in 5-7 years?”

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