This very insightful and unusual podcast discusses the unique situation 5 of our clients face:

– They were rejected in the US by McKinsey NYC.
– Moscow (example city for one candidate) overruled the rejection, interviewed them and extended them an offer.
– Due to issues like conscription etc, they could not join Moscow immediately
– Moscow offered for them to start in Kiev, and remain there for 18 months before returning to Moscow.
– The candidate is not happy and is insisting the foreign McKinsey office staffs them in the US.

In this podcast I analyze the issue both from the US and foreign partners’ perspectives and offer some advice for the candidates. At a certain point, a candidate must understand the importance of being a team player.

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5 responses to McKinsey US No, McKinsey Moscow Yes, Wants US

  1. A Firmsconsulting Classic. Timeless advice.

  2. Hi YS,

    I probably did a far better job in the podcast. Basically, Canada has a small number of consultants at the elite firms relative to the size of the economy.

    Therefore, lots of competition for few spaces.

    Also, Canada is like Australia in that the standard deviation between the quality of graduates between all the schools is very, very low, which again implies you have even more competition.

    Therefore, very small things separate those who get in, in Canada. In the US and UK etc., it is different. There is a massive standard deviation and the competition is actually lower. Strange as that may sound, but the numbers prove that point.


  3. Michael, you mentioned in another podcast (I can’t recall exactly which one – I’ve listened to many) that a certain strong candidate had better chances of getting noticed in New York, London, or Dubai. That he should forget Toronto because McKinsey in Toronto tends to look for a very narrow set of parameters for candidates. Can you elaborate on this at all?

  4. I concur that Kiev is actually a great city.

  5. I guess the person who doesn’t want to move to Kiev, hasn’t been here yet.

    In case he (or she) comes for few projects at Kiev office, I’m not even sure he (or she) would like to leave our city soon:)

    If the hero of this podcast spots this comment, feel free to add me on facebook and you’ll have a friend in Kiev, Ukraine.

    Anyway, wish you to make the best decision (from a long-term perspective).

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