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Finding practice material for corporate finance cases is practically impossible outside Firmsconsulting. We have prepared this podcast outlining a training strategy any listener could follow should they be preparing for McKinsey Corporate Finance interviews. MCF interviews to be tough since candidates must demonstrate above-average strategy skills and a very high domain knowledge of finance, especially the ability to understand underlying concepts and adjust them for the realities of the market. We find this to be the main challenge for clients – getting to understand why a equation exists as it does versus merely being able to replicate the analyses.

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2 responses to McKinsey Corporate Finance

  1. Hi Prakash,

    Thank you – yes we will produce much more.

    I am not sure if Stern still has those documents on their site. Most will be under Aswath Damodaran’s person site but he changes them so often I could say where it is on the site.

    Sorry about that.


  2. Hi Michael,
    Do you have the link to Stern’s evaluation documents which you highlighted in your excellent podcast?
    Hope that you can produce more of the similar as it’s very high quality advice

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