In this podcast, and related article, we discuss a 4-step decision making process we deployed to help a McKinsey consultant decide if she should sue the firm for racial discrimination. This McKinsey consultant is a former client we helped place into the firm a few years back and whom we will call Abbie.

We discuss the way we analyzed the problem for this McKinsey consultant to uncover a number of vital biases, poked enormous holes in Abbie’s case and helped this McKinsey consultant make an informed decision, which most likely saved her career.

Abbie presented four pieces of evidence. We unpacked each data point looking for logic mistakes, inconsistencies and lack of clarity. We also helped Abbie see 3 biases which were clouding her judgement.

Lastly we shared what this McKinsey consultant ultimately decided to do and addressed how you should approach similar situations where you think you may be discriminated.

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