This is the 21st podcast for the power sector corporate strategy study we will soon release as part of our Executive Program.

Many readers have written in asking how we manage the fatigue of running such an intense study while managing all the numerous Firmsconsulting initiatives.

In this podcast I briefly touch on the practical tools I use to manage my time, set priorities and manage my diary to ensure I keep the trains running on time.

I also discuss the myth of loving what you do. While that is important, it does not insulate one from the trauma of dealing with abrasive situations. I manage this in a different way.

Finally, I discuss the problem with reading magazines and articles on learning how to de-stress. Best practice, as you will learn, is not going to work for you.

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6 responses to Managing Fatigue as a Partner

  1. Thanks Ryan,

    Yes, we use absolutely no scripts for any of the podcasts. I find scripts restrictive.

    And I still cannot find peanut butter cookies anywhere in downtown Toronto!


  2. Michael,

    It is podcasts like this one that truly demonstrates the quality of Firmsconsulting content. Its the side comments like thanking the heavens that emerging markets don’t have strong consumer protection laws so that you can enjoy peanut butter cookies, that remind me that there is no script. Your ability to speak about such a wide variety of topics without any sort of preparation or scripts demonstrates the depth of experience and skill you have relative to other sources of this content.

    Now I really want a peanut butter cookie…


  3. Thanks Corwin,

    I think it is fine to sell sugared water and pulverized potatoes. Someone must do it. I just do not want it to be me.


  4. Michael,

    Two things I really enjoyed here:

    When you said you want to do something significant not sell sugar water it immediately reminded me of Steve Jobs line to John Sculley in Jobs recruiting process. But bigger than that, it really resonates with me the purpose of wanting to have an impact bigger than myself. Really leave a mark when I’m gone.

    Secondly; I loved the perspective on relaxation. The “health and fitness” magazines have their opinion which is pandering to their clientele. Do what actually matters to you and makes a difference in relaxation. Everyone is different.

    Great perspective.


  5. Thank you Hannah,

    Knowing that we helped someone is what keeps us motivated and inspired.

    The podcasts will continue and we will make some very changes to the podcasts soon.


  6. Hi Michael,
    I’m a new member to this website (I was referred by a friend who got 3 offers from MBB) and I will be applying to MBB this summer (2015) as an advanced degree (PhD) candidate.
    I’m in the early process of learning about consulting and case interview. And I have to say, your podcasts and this website are AMAZING. I was studying from another very popular source and after I listened to your podcasts, I realized that this site provides ACCURATE, LOGICAL and high-level insights/advice on consulting. Most important thing that I learned so far: you have to study the right things from the right source. So I will be using FC as my only source from now on. Thank you.
    I will be applying to the case interview program soon. I want to listen to more podcasts to equip myself with the right tools and increase my chance of getting accepted. I look forward to working with you.
    On a last note, please keep the podcasts going. They are an amazing source of very valuable information, insights and advice not available elsewhere (and they are free) and I have learned so much. Thank you! I’m sure many people feel the same way, so please keep them going.
    Best regards,

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