This is the 25th podcast for the power sector corporate strategy study we will soon release as part of our Executive Program.

A stream of our consultants is assessing the management skills of senior EI managers and executives to manage the transformation process. This process has not gone well. A senior manager of EI felt the management skills assessment was designed to present him in a poor light. He, therefore, complained to the unions and is considering legal action against EI.

This is not good, but fairly common on such studies. So there is no need to overreact, though it must be managed and done very quickly and efficiently.

The spillover of this is that the unions are refusing to allow the management skills analyses to take place and many employees are also refusing to participate.

In this podcast I discuss the process we will use to manage this misunderstanding. It is a real concern with the potential to spiral out of control. We have a plan and, to be fair, we could have managed this a little better from our side.

The unions are not to blame for this.

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2 responses to Management skills analysis challenges

  1. Hi Mat,

    Some mistakes are definitely inexcusable.

    More benign mistakes do not get your fired. I do however recall there being other problems with the person who was managed out for the printer mistake. The printer mistakes was merely the latest and last mistake in a long paper trail of errors.


  2. Michael, very interesting podcast on crisis management. On a related note, you say here that it’s not the mistake that leads to someone being managed out, but rather this person’s reaction. In previous podcast some time ago you recall a story of someone being managed out because of stupid mistake of forgetting that needed colour printers are unavailable in the morning before presentation. Maybe some mistakes are inexcusable?

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