The lesson in choosing to resign

Introduction to Consulting The lesson in choosing to resign


When I was an associate and had just joined the firm from a boutique, many of my colleagues from the boutique firm were also looking for new roles. Some of them were outstanding and others were terrible. Shortly after I joined the firm it was announced that some of the terrible consultants had been made offers to join the firm.

In this podcast I explain why I chose to resign, how the firm reacted and what both actions tell us about how we should make career choices.

It is never ever about the money. If you choose money in the short-term, you will be less wealthy in the long-term, and vice-versa.​



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2 responses to The lesson in choosing to resign

  1. Hello Lennard,

    I would not have mentioned the reason. I would simply have said a lack of culture fit. I see no reason to damage the firm’s reputation.


  2. Great podcast, Michael. I really enjoy hearing about your experiences and how they’ve shaped your career and values.

    If you were to have left the firm above, how would you have explained it to another firm, for example, if they asked in an interview for the reason of your departure?

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