The power sector corporate strategy study is now underway and is scheduled to be released later this year, as part of our Executive Program. This is the first of many podcasts to discuss the progress in the power sector study, including paramount challenges and choices the client and the team are facing.

We decided not to live blog this study. We decided to put out frequent, almost daily, podcasts and a stream of articles explaining the issues. Given the intensity of the study, we hope to keep to this schedule and will do our very best, but forgive us if we are forced to skip many days. In fact, during one podcast recording session, the power went out!

In this first podcast, we delve into intricacies of the power sector in North Africa / Southern Europe. We also discuss the incredibly difficult choices countries and companies have to face in this rapidly growing resources strapped part of the world, along with mind-numbing permutations for each option and the huge costs involved. A single power station can cost over a billion dollars.

We also zoom in on the personal / leadership challenges the senior management team, including the CEO, often face. These problems are usually swept under the rug by companies and consulting firms. Yet, failure to address these challenges results in enormous human and financial cost. In fact, on a study such as this the trade-off for the management team is usually career success vs. personal happiness. We find that clients struggle to achieve both. They typically focus on career success through the study, while sacrificing personal happiness which becomes corrosive to their careers in the long-term. They typically burnout as a result of this.

We discuss some of the changes we introduced at Firmsconsulting to deal with this trade-off for clients.


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3 responses to Leadership challenges on the study

  1. Thanks Mat.

    We have a very small technical glitch with iTunes but they will appear there shortly. We will send out an email when that happens.


  2. Michael, thanks for this and another 9 podcast. I prefer this form than live blogging, and it is also easier for you.

    I hope they will also be uploaded in ITunes.


  3. Very excited about this next study and I appreciate the perspective on the personal and leadership challenges of senior management. I’m interested to understand how the balance is managed through this next study.

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