In looking through our database of over 240 former clients and speaking to Bain partners we know, we see two unique ways a Bain fit interview differs from a McKinsey PEI. The first relates to way in which you interact with the interviewer as you deliver your response, and the second relates to a very specific attribute that Bain seeks in your fit responses. Both differ substantially from a McKinsey or BCG interview. In fact, EVERY single client we placed at Bain strongly displayed these two characteristics. It is uncanny how close a correlation exists.

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5 responses to Key Differences in Bain FIT Questions

  1. Thank you, Michael. The bluntness of the podcast comment did throw me off, so thank you for clarifying.

  2. Patrick, the issue is different. McKinsey does not really care if you were in a band. McKinsey cares if you had a leadership role and influenced people. Bain, tends to want to see that balance and diversity. That is the primary difference. Michael

  3. Thank you Michael, that is what I had reasoned previously.
    I presume when you meant that “McKinsey doesn’t care whether you are in a rock band; in fact, they will probably fail you for that,” you meant in cases where it could portray a lack of prioritization or discipline, particularly over academics or professional image.

  4. Patrick, actually I would put that into all your resumes. It shows you have interests out of work, you did something about it and managed the interest from two separate angles. It would certainly get my attention.

  5. Interesting podcast.
    I personally toured in a rock band as both a musician and marketing manager. Would you suggest I keep this fact off of public and MB resumes while putting it on for Bain only?

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