Introducing Kevin P. Coyne

Kevin P. Coyne was a director and co-leader of both McKinsey’s Worldwide Strategy Practice and CEO Transitions Practice.

He was the only person ever admitted directly into the Harvard Business School from his junior year of college, Rice University, which he attended by special permission before graduating from high school.

He graduated from Rice and Harvard simultaneously in 1978 and joined McKinsey. At the time, he was the youngest associate at the firm.

Kevin started in Washington office of McKinsey, went to New York and eventually to Atlanta. He eventually became one of the youngest principals ever appointed.

Kevin was involved in recruiting throughout his entire time with McKinsey. In New York, in addition to just normal recruiting, Kevin led McKinsey’s experienced hire program for the financial institutions practice.

After Kevin returned to Atlanta and was elected a director, he became the leader of what was called The Strategy Theory Initiative, which was the effort to reinvent all the strategy practices. As part of that he was a co-leader of the worldwide strategy practice for a number of years.

As a Senior Partner at McKinsey, he consulted in more than twenty industries, on every continent, and personally counseled over twenty-five CEOs.

Kevin has taught strategy at the Harvard Business School. He also spent time in the Federal Government as an Executive Assistant and sole policy advisor to the Deputy Secretary of the United States Treasury in the Reagan Administration.

Kevin has co-written 6 Harvard Business Review articles, 12 McKinsey Quarterly articles, 2 bestselling business books and many articles across other influential business publications. He has been quoted in The Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Financial Times,, CNBC, CBS, The Boston Globe, and many other media outlets.

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