Importance of Confidence in Cases

Communication and Image Importance of Confidence in Cases


We would say 90% of candidates with whom we speak do not understand what is confidence, how to build it and how to demonstrate it. We will talk about experiences we have had with candidates with weak confidence levels and what you need to consider when preparing for your own interviews.

Moreover, confidence is not about how you feel. That is a myth. Confidence is about what you project. So when someone says they “feel” confident, they are setting themselves up for the content trap. They want to know the material well. Which is hard to do since there is so much content and they fall into the trap of hunting for every conceivable case solution. They then think they know everything and feel confident. By feeling confident they hope to project confidence.

The solution is to divorce your feelings from what you project. Great leaders are certainly not always confident but they project the trait. This is a crucial distinction to make.

You need not be confident to look confident.

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  1. Hi,

    It’s probably this podcast that Michael mentioned.


  2. Michael,
    Its a great advice to watch actors/actresses performing the role of a business leader. I suggest episodes from the series SUITS. The story revolves around a New York law firm with a lot of high profile clients.

  3. Hi Mohammed,

    There are over 400 free podcasts on the site and I cannot remember them all! My suggestion is to search for “communication” and review the hits you get for the podcasts.

    Sorry I could not help more.


  4. Hi Michael,

    Can you please mention, which of FC podcasts can provide details about techniques on speaking off the cuff.


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