Having mentored a large number of older consulting hires, all were older than myself, this podcast distinguishes between older hires with working experience and those without working experience. Depending on the category you fall into, peers will view your profile, strengths and image very differently. In fact, your career strategy will be different. In other words, no two older candidates are the same.

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5 responses to Image Management as an Older Consultant

  1. Hi Demel – I am happy to help however I can.

  2. It is very helpful in the way how a PHD should introduce him/herself. I was making the same mistake as well but quickly switched to the way you mentioned to show my professionalism. I might be one of the people sending you 20 photos and seeking for your opinion on my professional photoshooting:-) thanks for your advise!

  3. It is primarily about older ‘beginning’ consultants, which are just successful older applicants, I suppose. It has a fair bit to say about the challenges for experienced hires looking to enter consulting.

  4. Before I jump into this podcast, can anyone tell me if it addresses older *applicants* as opposed to just older *consultants*? I am an applicant who will be 42 when I apply, after having a career in international environmental/human rights/development issues and then going back to school.

  5. Wow. If I make it into a top tier consulting firm, I will be the most personable, stylish, open-minded and self-aware PhD hire they’ve ever encountered, if what you say on this podcast is true! You certainly present a grim picture of the average PhD hire – nerdish, supercilious, theoretical, insular, inexperienced and usually leaving academia because they’re bad researchers. I am surprised and oddly pleased at this characterisation.

    I am surprised because in my study on consulting – books, web resources, talking to ex-and current McKineseyites etc – there has been quite an emphasis on relationships and people skills. I would have thought that older hires might have an edge there; life experience and all. But, from what you say, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    And I am pleased because, at the very least, with my PhD (in literature; not inherently about data and right answers), combined with my analytical/maths brain and an ability to dress myself ;), I should be unusual, at the very least!

    Just on the dress code for women issue: I think the word you were looking for is ‘tailored’.

    Thank you for doing this entertaining and thought-provoking podcast. It is very much appreciated.

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