The majority of soft-issues we deal with in training clients relates to communication: language, dialect, tone, inflection, body language, hand movements, energy levels etc. We can safely say that how you communicate is the pivot on which your offer will rest. That said, far too many resources teach communication as a set of technical/tactical steps that you need to follow to appear “professional”. Unfortunately, that advice fails to address the underlying reasons why communication takes place as it does: a check-list was designed for the average person and no two people are average, nor is it a communications strategy.

In this podcast we will discuss a client who is very good at influencing the way interviewers work with her, and the subtle danger of her approach. A counter-point to this is another candidate who initially completely mismanaged his image, and we discuss the impact of his actions and what happened when he changed.

We then discuss how this is related to case interviews, particularly why many candidates end up “facing” tough interviewers. Counter-intuitively, many times it is the candidate’s fault why this is happening since they are not aware of the impact they have on the interviewer.

Finally, the podcast explains why influencing the interviewer before the case interview is more likely to lead to an offer versus trying to only dazzle the interviewer in the case. Unfortunately, that is where most candidates focus their preparation: how you influence the interviewer will determine how easy, or not, they make the case for you. As we will explain, it is difficult to create a pleasant environment for cases if you focus all your attention on the case and ignore the build-up to the case, where your profile and perception is developed in the interviewers mind.

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2 responses to How to Influence Your Interviewer

  1. Hi Jojo,

    I think that is partially true.

    There are other more important reasons. We place values first and it is easier to work with referred clients who understand this about us versus newer clients who have a very transactional approach to things.

    Even now, you cannot simply pay and join our coaching service. Even our subscription service has a manual approval step even though you can pay online.

    The other reason is that when we advertise, clients have a “prove it” approach to things. That hurts their learning.

    So it is a combination of things.


  2. Hi Michael,

    Awesome podcast as always. I am wondering if the Louis Vuitton “signalling effect” is why Firmsconsulting prefers referrals and word of mouth as opposed to gaudy advertising.
    I may be way off base here but was just curious.


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