This is the 18th podcast for the power sector corporate strategy study we will soon release as part of our Executive Program.

In this podcast we discuss the approach and philosophy used by the study leadership stream as they guide and mentor corporate leaders at the client.

We discuss the 4 pillars on which our leadership philosophy is built and use practical examples to demonstrate how we help clients adopt these principles.

The four pillars are:

  1. Sincere authenticity matters.
  2. Embrace, not hide, leadership flaws.
  3. Forget about image.
  4. Focus on results.

This approach is about helping corporate leaders be successful in the short term. If you would like to learn more about this leadership work, please read this article.

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2 responses to Grooming corporate leaders

  1. Thanks Nauruz. These are great examples.

    I like what McKinnon does. The purpose of a leader is not to take leadership. The role of a leader is to ensure the best person leads, even if it is not oneself.


  2. This is an excellent podcast.

    I’m sharing this video with FC community.
    and a related article

    The theme of the video overlaps with several of Michael’s podcasts – the art of story telling, authenticity in leaders, strong personal values as evidenced by the willingness of the person to pay the price for those values. The video covers the story of Mark McKinnon, the adviser who helped Bush win the election twice, the way he helped to win the elections, and how he withdraw himself from 2008 political campaign against Obama because of the historic role Obama could have played if he were elected.
    “In his interview with Cox, he had said of Mr. Obama: “I think he has a deep character and good judgment. I also think he’s wrong on some fundamental issues. But I believe he is honest and independent.”

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