This podcast is about the importance of you, the candidate, never ever giving the interviewer the benefit of the doubt, why this is vital, how to do this in a case and the improvement it will immediately deliver. The main value of adopting this mindset is that you tend to explain everything to the interviewer because you assume he is not aware of all the answers. If you enter an interview, assuming the interview is “perfect” you will tend to make assumptions which hurt your chances and damage your image.

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2 responses to Giving Interviewers Benefit of the Doubt

  1. Thanks Hannah. You are welcome.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Another insightful (and funny) podcast as usual!

    There are many things you can read on the internet about how to prepare for the interview, but they don’t explain why, so people tend to ignore/not pay attention.

    Your podcasts are very insightful because not only do you provide excellent advice, you also explain the reason behind it!

    I never fully understood the importance and reason for great communication until now. Assumption is the enemy of communication. Thank you.



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