Building of our technique to develop hypotheses, this podcast explains a clever way to generate creative hypotheses. In essence, the podcast will be useful to candidates who have already seen how we brainstorm and generate hypotheses, since this podcast expands on that thinking. The core of this idea is that if more than one structure can be brainstormed for a case, each of those structures can be used to develop a new type of hypothesis. This is a very, very simple technique as well.

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3 responses to Generating Multiple Creative Hypotheses

  1. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Hi Tracy. Yes, that is correct. That is why you ALWAYS build your drivers to answer a clear and unambiguous question.

    We refer to this as looking left when brainstorming. If you have a landscape A4 sheet and your key question/definition is on your left and you are building your tree from left to right, you should always look left and make sure you are building drivers for the issue being solved.

    When building hypotheses we look right and ask ourselves what the answers could be.


  3. Thanks for this insightful podcast, Michael. Would you say that a 3rd learning point from what you’ve outlined is that when breaking down the drivers, one should really keep in mind the main objective of this case. For example, here, the concern has to do with restaurant’s declining profit due to different operating hours, therefore, it makes more sense to choose the Time variable to break down the revenue driver. Having said that, if the restaurant wants to keep its changes of operating hours, then you would try another variable. It seems that being strategic from the early point on would save you a lot of time and frustrations later into the case.

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