An earlier podcast discussed a fairly labor-intensive case where we needed to literally roll-up our sleeves to find and extract data, and a corporate finance study. This engagement is somewhere in-between. It discusses a study I led to help a major corporation completely redesign their entire R&D strategy and restructure their R&D division, a behemoth of a unit with little direction. I do recall this being one of the friendliest clients I have ever encountered. PhD’s usually are this way.

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2 responses to Follow an R&D Strategy Study

  1. Hi Bhupender, while there is no one answer, it helps to first ask yourself why the client wants you do this work. That should always be the starting point. Depending on that answer, you can structure the rest of the analyses. Michael

  2. Hi Michael, Amazing Experience. Thanks for sharing. Just want to ask a question purely out of curiosity as an aspiring management consultant. What are the starting key questions I should ask myself whenever I want analyze company’s business model without actually getting in there. I know, answer cannot be one size fits all but still I feel there’s some common ground. Would appreciate your inputs.

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