An earlier podcast discussed a fairly labor-intensive case where we needed to literally roll-up our sleeves to find and extract data. This is the opposite engagement. It is the glamorous engagement all aspiring consultants dream about and imagine consulting is about. In this engagement, we worked for the largest company in the world, in its sector, to understand how to increase its share price. We were based out of The City in London and had to change conventional wisdom about value creation. I had the good fortune to lead this engagement.

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2 responses to Follow A Corporate Finance Study

  1. Hi Nauruz,

    Thank you.

    The reason I can recall things is because I kept Moleskin notebooks throughout my career and still have them with me in my study. So, the process of writing down key things helped me remember them, and the if I ever forget things, I can look them up.

    That said, my style of speaking and writing is to recall excessive detail.


  2. Michael,

    Such impressive interactions at 25 years. I’m not sure if it can go any higher.

    Another thing that strikes me is the depth of details you recall about the project (quotes, time you exited meetings and other). And I suppose this was around 5 years ago.

    Is it a natural skill or are you doing some systematic self reflection on a daily/weekly/after project basis?

    Thank you,


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